Real Estate Division

Real Estate Division

Create people’s lives and activities

Our goal is to contribute to our customer’s business scenes and life styles by proposing better office environment, refined living spaces and effective utilization of unused spaces. With knowledge and experience, we can provide you with trust and relief, and make a solid contribution to create attractive cities.


We always focus on achieving high occupancy rates of our properties, always taking the latest market trend into consideration.

Our Works

  • Attraction of Tenants
  • Rental Management
  • Leasing Management
  • Real Estate Brokerage
  • Property Management
  • Effective Utilization of Real Estate
  • Tatsuno Shinsaibashi Building
    Tatsuno Shinsaibashi
  • The Woodlands, Houston USA
    The Woodlands, Houston USA


We always make facilities and properties updated to meet our customer’s demand.

Our Works

  • Market Research
  • Preliminary Calculation
  • Construction
  • Proposal
  • Architectural Design



AfterOase Umeda-Higashi

Real Estate Development

We propose various plans of offices, residences, hotels, shopping malls and sports facilities for each community.

Our Works

  • Market Research
  • Simulation
  • Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Proposal
  • Construction Management
  • Semba-Mid-Cube


We lease and manage overseas real estate.

Our works

  • Market research
  • Negotiation with overseas partners
  • Proposal for cash-flow management
  • Research for real estate acquisition
  • Woodforest Plaza
    Woodforest Plaza
  • Wuppertal
    Wuppertal, Germany


We strive to enhance our social contributions in various fields such as planning and construction of houses, office buildings, commercial facilities, welfare facilities, and sports facilities.

Our Works

  • Various Buildings
  • Renewal, Rebuilding
  • New-Building Construction
  • Planning, Constructing of Steel House
  • Lohas Imazato
    Lohas Imazato
  • Terrace Kuranomori,
    Terrace Kuranomori,

Environmental Energy

Through our works to prevent global warming, we are working on creating environment where people in the next generation will be able to live healthier and more reassured.

Our Works

  • Sales and Installation Service of Heat Shield Film
  • Sales and Installation Service of LED bulbs
  • Installation Service of Heat Insulation
  • Solar Power Generation
  • Eco-Shield Film
    Eco-Shield Film
  • Takeno Solar Power Plant
    Takeno Solar Power Plant