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We deliver our uniform that fits each of our clients.

As individual’s faces and appearances are different, each company has its own identity or characteristics, and its needs are becoming diversified.
One of the ways to express themselves effectively is “custom made” and “very original” uniform which we produce.

“Custom made” can provide you satisfaction and power to appeal the company image because of its originality, and it becomes “energy source” which drives motivation, possibilities and feeling of unity among its employees.
We offer the ideal uniform which responds to various customer’s needs like functional, aesthetic, safety and comfort through our various experiences and manufacturing network as well as domestic and overseas we cultivated over many years.
Our strength is to control all procedures by ourselves, from proposals to sewing and delivery.


Office uniforms, Work wear, Store uniforms, Rain wear, School wear, Clean room wear, Hats, Gloves, Helmets, Safety shoes, Disaster measures related products, Cool biz products, Influenza countermeasures products, Safety and health products, Other uniforms

Original WearOriginal Wear

We propose an uniform with original design.
The VC (Value Creation) team produces and controls the production in domestic and overseas, we also make planning and proposals which meet the needs of each market. Please feel free to contact us.

Flow of original uniform production

  • Meeting
  • Decision of design
    2.Decision of design
  • Estimate / Order
  • Production/Inspection
  • Delivery
Office Uniform

Office Uniform

Work Wear

Work Wear

Volunteer Firefighter WearFire brigade clothing

Volunteer Firefighter Wear

We are selling fire brigade clothing in compliance with ‘Fire brigade member’s clothing standards’ from Fire and Disaster Management Agency. We are offering flame proofing clothing (certificated as flame proofing product (K-1 type) by Japan Fire Retardant Association) and eco stretching clothing. Besides these kinds of work wear, we also deal with uniforms for women’s fire brigade members (used by Japan Firefighting Association) and junior fire club uniforms.

Clean Room WearClean Room Wear

Clean room wear uses densely woven fabric of ultrafine polyester filaments; therefore it can suppress the dust from work wear and from its inside, too.

The clean room wear has improved dustproof performance by choosing the suitable sewing way for each product combining rolled hemming, double chain stitch, piping etc. In addition, the fabric is woven conductive fiber “Luana”. Toray Luana also arranges conductive fine particles (carbon black) inside the fiber in a streak shape, and it immediately decomposes the generated static electricity and reduces the charging of clothes and the human body.

Clean Room Wear

Other Items and more!

We can also propose original design uniforms to meet various needs such as dress shirts and golf wear. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Golf wear

    Golf wear

  • Dress shirts

    Dress shirts