Corporate Outline

 President Greeting Message

CEO Katsuhiko Tatsuno

Tatsuno Corporation was founded in 1934 and has been engraved a long history since becoming a stock company in 1948.
Now, TATSUNO Corporation consists of 3 divisions; Garment, Real Estate and Material divisions, and has grown as a company group which has more than 10 affiliated companies in Japan and overseas including Tatsuno Creates Inc., Heisei Corporation Ltd., TATSUNO HOLDING CORPORATION and so on.

We manage our company considering two fundamental recognitions which we think the most important; Keeping the fundamental spirit cultivated during the long years through our business activities, and responding promptly and flexibly to the times seeking appropriate changes.
It means that we follow the company’s motto which we settled when the company was founded, named “SANTETSU SHUGI”- Put one’s heart into Rationality, Health and Fight, and carry out the business activities responding to the big wave of contemporary society of globalization / informatization. We contribute to society as a vital and flexible midsize company group.

On this web site, we provide information for you to understand our various business activities such as our group’s general activities and product information.
Tatsuno Group aims at more growth and continues positively to engage in business activities as a unit.
We would be pleased if you could understand Tatsuno Group more deeply through this website.