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FRP trough

We have a lot of delivery track record such as disaster prevention troughs for electrical power cable disaster prevention measure and protection troughs for protection measure to each electric power companies.

This withstands the weight of power cables and attachments.
This is non-magnetic and unaffected by electrical currents.
This is corrosion resistant and ideal for wet underground conditions.
This is fire-retardant and does not damage cables even if burned on the outside.
In the case of an internal fire, the product has self-extinguishing properties that prevent the spread of fire.
This withstands external impacts to protect the power cables it houses.
This is much lighter than metal or concrete, making transportation and construction relatively simple. (Density of roughly a quarter of steel)
We have a large range of troughs for use with power cables of various diameters, types (OF/CV), and electric currents.

FRP trough

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